Blood Flesh Gold (A Vampire Forsaken, #3) Xan Asher



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Blood Flesh Gold (A Vampire Forsaken, #3)  by  Xan Asher

Blood Flesh Gold (A Vampire Forsaken, #3) by Xan Asher
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 136 pages | ISBN: | 3.70 Mb

AN EROTIC VAMPIRE ROMANCE... Sequel to Blood Sex Magick & 3rd in the A Vampire Forsaken series.Sydney, Australia. Now.Ethan Canning, a hot young rock star on the rise, is virtually kidnapped by a strange, exotic couple one night after a gig.Selene, dominant and sexually rapacious, is like no other woman he has met before.

And Marius, deceptively youthful and wholly dangerous. But that first night he is caught in the crossfire of a war looming between Marius and his old friend, Blaise de Sevigny, and the Vampire Council he presides over. Ethan is plunged into a supernatural universe of vampires, angels, ghosts and witches he had never guessed at.Is the ancient and powerful vampire Marius trafficking in Gold, pure vampire blood, the most potent and sought after illegal drug in the world?

Or is Marius playing an even darker, more Otherwordly game?The sexual heat between Ethan and the blonde Viking goddess and vampire Selene is combustible. Trapped, mysteriously held hostage by the two vampires, he wouldnt walk away if he could.What none of them can know is that Marius is being erotically, cruelly haunted by his grim past.

And for love, he will do anything to set that wild, hungry past free.Including sacrificing Ethan.A novella of 36,000+ words, plus bonus material from the first two novellas in the A Vampire Forsaken series.Blood Lust Blood Lost : 1Blood Sex Magick : 2Blood Flesh Gold : 3

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