The Hathor Chronicles: The Blade of Justice Dante Pugliese



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The Hathor Chronicles: The Blade of Justice  by  Dante Pugliese

The Hathor Chronicles: The Blade of Justice by Dante Pugliese
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First chapter in the Hathor Chronicles sagaIt is a time of peace in the Attaraa system...The all-female planet of Hathor has lived in eons-long harmony alongside its all-male twin world of Mithra, existing in a system created by their ancestors, ‘The Ancients’, to end the long and brutal phase of endless war that had all but destroyed the twin worlds.Everyone lives in enclosed self-governing communes called Collectives, totally controlled societies where people are bred to order by organized Bondings and each is assigned a place within The Collective by its guardians.

All ideas or thoughts beyond the teachings of The Ancients are prohibited. None question their place or challenge the established order. All are cared and provided for by The Collective and harmony reigns.Yet their eons long splendid isolation is about to come to an end . Hurtling through the stars is a rusted ship carrying desperate refugees from a calamity many light years ago, heading for what they pray will be their last hope.

Their coming will change Hathor forever.In Hathortrex, the planets magnificent capital city, a young Administration Clerk by the name of Avenna goes about her daily routine as a simple functionary of The Collective, unaware she is about to thrown into the very heart of the calamitous events to come....This story has exotic alien worlds, armour clad heroines, giant man eating warrior lizards, evil charismatic masked villains in black armour and cloaks, wise mystical guiding figures and grand epic battles full of blood and fury. Yet it is also a very intimate, human story about fear, self doubt, friendship, love, loyalty and struggling with the challenges that life throws at us.

It is a tale of discovery and learning, not only for its protagonist Avenna, plucked from a life of quiet obscurity to travel the Cosmos and become her worlds unready defender, but also for her friends and her entire planet. It is about the end of an artificial Paradise and the beginning of a new age filled with promise and peril.

It is about having greatness thrust upon you whether you want it or not, about living up to an image others have created of you . It is about fulfilling a promise in the best way you can even if means the end of your own life.Following in the footsteps of Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia, this series takes mythological and fairy tale archetypes and uses them to explore issues relevant to our times, allusions to real world events and dilemmas, an exploration of spirituality and philosophy, of religion, and a humanistic approach to its fantastical characters.

Blending science fiction, fantasy, mythology, action, adventure, horror, love, war, spirituality, comedy, tragedy, and intimate drama, The Blade of Justice is a fantastic launching point for The Hathor Chronicles series. Book 2: Kreesa the War Captain is well under way and coming to a Kindle hear you soon!

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